The Rivers We Fly Fish

The Nantahala River is as one of the top destinations for year-round fly fishing in the southeast. 

Endless River Adventures is located alongside the Nantahala River. Our guides have fished the Nantahala and surrounding waters for years and are some of the best in the business. Western North Carolina has hundreds of miles of angling water. All of these streams are centrally located to Franklin, Robbinsville, Highlands, Cashiers, Asheville, Knoxville and Bryson City.  We are only a few hours from Atlanta.

best trout fishing near Bryson City is the Nantahala River

The Nantahala River

Between the quality of stocked and native trout and the beautiful scenery on both sections of river, it is no wonder that the Nantahala is ranked as one of Trout Unlimited’s Top 100 Trout Rivers in North America. 

The Nantahala River has two distinct sections of river, supporting all three species of trout:  rainbow, brook and brown.   While supporting a healthy population of native trout, the Nantahala River is also a delayed harvest river from October to June.

Endless River Adventures Fly-Fishing is one of the only outfitters licensed through the US Forest Service to provide fly-fishing services on teh Nantahala River.

Bigest trout caught ont he Nantahala, State Record, NC

Two state record brown trout have come out of its cold fast waters.  In 2014 we landed a possible third state record brown trout.  It was never registered because my fly-fishing guest and I both decided to return it to the river.  It measured out at 34 inches long with a 25” girth.

Upper Nanthala River

The Upper Nantahala River was the first designated Delayed Harvest stream.  Like all delayed harvest streams it is heavily stocked in October, November, March, April and May.  Thousands of Brook, Brown and Rainbow trout are stocked here and it is a great place to hone your streamer, dry fly and nymph technique.  It is not uncommon for our guests to catch all three species using all three techniques in a day of fishing.  It is one of our favorite streams to wade fish.  We offer both half and full day wading trips here.


Best fly fishing is a guided trip with Endless River Adventures

Lower Tuckasegee River

The Lower Tuckasegee River through Bryson City is
one of the newest delayed harvest streams in our area.  It is a great float trip and it is common to catch large brook, brown and rainbow trout in the 16 – 20 inch size range.

Upper Tuckasegee River

The Upper Tuckasegee is another delayed harvest stream that offers great angling possibilities.  We offer both float and wade trips. This section also has the potential to give up large rainbow, brook and brown trout.

Snowbird Creek
Fly fishing Snowbird Creek

Snowbird Creek.  If you are looking for adventure and are in good shape then Snowbird Creek in Graham County are a must.  For trout in a pristine wilderness setting we offer wade trips for trout on Snowbird Creek.  This is a small delayed harvest stream with challenging wading where you can catch both native and stocked trout.  We offer trips to Snowbird Creek in October, November, March, April and May,

Cheoah River

The Cheoah River is a great small mouth, brim and red eye bass fishery.  It is hands down one of the most challenging of all the rivers we offer wading trips on.

Little Tennessee River

The Little Tennessee is our favorite summer small mouth stream.  It is a wonderful stream bordered by wilderness and boasts warm clear water full of small mouth bass, brim and red eye. While sections of the Little Tennessee have sections that are easily waded, our favorite trips here are float trips far away from the access areas. Nothing fights and jumps better than a Smallie!  We fish the Little Tennessee from May through September.