We have an amazing staff and an incredible setting for whitewater recreation. Our guests say more about the quality of our staff, instruction, and equipment than we possibly can!

Just a word of thanks for the great time on the river. And thanks for mailing my fishing license to me. Betsy and I look forward to the next trip. I promise that you will hear from us. Regards,
-Mel Battle, 2011

I just wanted to thank Endless River once again for not only a fun fishing adventure with my boys, but for taking us back to Bryson City when our car was broken down. Although the entire car experience was a royal pain, and we didn’t get home until 3 days later than planned, it did show us how nice and helpful the people of Western NC are…starting with Ken. He didn’t hesitate to take us back to BC and showed us which car repair places might be open on the weekends. His helpful nature must be contagious because the restaurant manager where we left the car drove us up the mountain to our cabin Friday night and even offered to take us to Sylva on Sat to get a rental car. Also the lady owned the cabins ended up lending us her car on Saturday which we used to go to Franklin to get a rental. She said we could take it all the way to Atlanta since our son had to catch a flight their Saturday. She also offered to put us up in her home if we needed. Truly amazing. I realize this is probably more than you wanted to know, but the generosity of the people up there amazes me and I had to share the whole story. Anyway…thanks again,
– Renz Nichols and Family

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome day on the river. It was much better than I expected this late in the year and you are a great guide. Thank you for your patience and your pointers. We will definitely be coming back again, “Chasing Daylight”
-Pastor Steve, Antioch Baptist Church