Float or Wade Fishing

Our number one recommendation is a float trip
on the Nantahala River

Guided float trips allow you to fish the full stream rather than just a few select areas. Float trips are also beneficial to get you away from shore, where the dense overgrowth makes it more difficult to fish.  Floating the stream is lots less physically demanding and the possibility of stumbling and falling are all but eliminated.

Best float fishing on the Nantahala River

The most important advantage to floating the river verses wading is the amount of water covered in a typical trip.. On an average day floating the Nantahala River, we cover 8 miles of river. If you are wading you will cover a quarter of the river, focusing on specific spots.

Floating is also an advantage with two anglers. It is easier for a guide to help clean up any line issues and or fly replacement issues. Even on a float if an angler wants to do a little wade fishing, it is something easily accommodated. On a float trip a good guide can control the boat to help anglers get longer and deeper fly drifts resulting in more fish hook ups. It is also easier to chase that fish of a lifetime if it decides to relocate itself hundreds of yards downstream. All in all floating the river is far more fun and productive.

We offer full day and half day float options.

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For small streams like the Upper Nantahala, where floating is not an option, wade fishing is a better choice.  On these streams wading or fishing from shore are the only way to access the river for fishing.

We offer full day and half day wade options.