NC Fishing Regulations

North Carolina requires a fishing license for all adult anglers

There are resident and non-resident options, as well as disabled vet and 65+ options.

For any angler under 16 years of age, a license is not required as long as they are accompanied by a licensed adult.

NC Fishing Reglations

Where to get my NC Fishing License

Fishing licenses may be here at Endless River Adventures. If you prefer, you can get your inland fishing license online or at any North Carolina Wal-Mart. A photo ID is necessary to obtain a license.


NC Resident

Note you must have a legal address in NC
Short term license is a 10-day license: $7
Year Long Resident License: $20.00

Non Resident

Short Term (10-day): $18.00
Year long Non-Resident License: $36.00

Under 16 years old free with accompanied licensed adult.

Disabled Veteran Lifetime License: $10.00
65 or older Lifetime License: $15.00

It is important when fishing in North Carolina that you carefully check the
regulations on specific rivers before heading out to fish.  NC
does regulate the waterways and specific sections of river may be held as
catch-and-release only, single hook, fly only, or no-fishing depending on the
time of year.